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Photo Retouching

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Online beauty retouching and photo airbrushing service.

Price: $9.00 - $59.00 per person
With this services our professional artists help you to look better. Would you like to make your face glow? We can improve skin tone and texture of your face, correct problems (acne, rash, spots, scars, etc.), remove wrinkles and smooth skin. You don't like your body image? We can make the breast bigger and the legs longer, correct the body weight and fix the love handles. We can also remove piercing and tattoos or add them if you want. Just let us know how you would like to improve the photo. We can help you to look slimmer, younger and more beautiful.

We also recommend use this service to enhance your online dating profile, social networking profile, business profile. The perfect photo is an important part of your success. The profiles with fine photos are likely to be preferred over the less attractive images and improve your odds.

We can simply touch up or complexly retouch your photos. In any event, we will make you look better. Please see the samples below.
Online beauty retouching and photo airbrushing service.  sample image #0
beauty retouching
Online beauty retouching and photo airbrushing service.  sample image #1
photo airbrushing

Improve photo and change background.

Price: $9.00 - $36.00
With this service our artists can change background in your photo into more interesting, vivid, colorful background that improve it and highlight the main things. Choose the new background which is more suitable for the people and objects on the photo. You can use a romantic sunset, intriguing fire or fantastic nature as a backdrop. Just let us know what result you would like to get and our professional photo retouching artists will change photo background regarding your wishes.
Please see the samples of bellow.
Improve photo and change background. sample image #0
changing background
Improve photo and change background. sample image #1
changing background

Fix pictures and remove unwanted items from photos.

Price: $6.00 - $36.00
If your photo has unwanted items like somebody's leg, arm, tail, gloomy building, old car, ugly bench, etc. etc and you would like to take out them from photo, our photo retouching artists remove these objects and edit pictures according to your needs. We can eliminate any objects, animals or people from your photo.
Fix pictures and remove unwanted items from photos.  sample image #0
remove objects from photo

Fix blurry images and adjust sharpness.

Price: $6.00 - $12.00
If you would like to unblur you photos we can help you. Our artists will make your blurry pictures clear and add more sharpness to the image details. Please see the sample bellow.
Fix blurry images and adjust sharpness.  sample image #0
adjusting sharpness

Adjust shadows and highlights, correct white balance.

Price: $3.00 - $9.00
If you don't like the colors, saturation, shadow and highlights of your photos order color correction service and our professional artists will help to improve your pictures. With this service we adjust contrast, saturation, enhance color balance, correct shadow and highlights and make your photos look professional. Please take a look at the samples below.
Adjust shadows and highlights, correct white balance. sample image #0
color correction
Adjust shadows and highlights, correct white balance. sample image #1
color correction

Wedding retouching.

Price: $8.00 - $38.00
The wedding day is a happy occasion and photos reflect this wonderful moment. If your wedding photos are poor quality - don't worry. Our professional artists can help to improve them. Just upload your photos and tell us about your wishes. With Wedding photo editing service we...
- Correct colors, enhance contrast, adjust white balance
- Fix blur and increase sharpness
- Fix face, improve skin, apply make-up, fit body, fix clothing
- Remove reflections and eliminate unwanted items
- Change background or create a blurry background

If you want something special for your wedding album - all you need is to let us known.
Please see the sample bellow.
Wedding retouching.  sample image #0
wedding retouching

False beauty or beautiful dream?

What goes through your mind when see a digital photo of yourself for the first time? Many of us think, "Oh, Lord! What happened to my face?"

Modern high-resolution digital cameras are so sharp that post-production often seems necessary. We can see every little blemish, spot and wrinkle, and that makes airbrushing a good idea.

Available photo filters and retouching tools help improve photos. Thanks to them, post-production can be done quickly. But most people find photo editing tools too complicated to use. This is where photo retouching studios can help you improve your photos.

Standard airbrushing in the post-production process includes retouching small things like removing blemishes, spots, redness; reducing the look of wrinkles and dark circles for brighter looking eyes; eliminating pores; correcting make-up; whitening teeth and fixing stray hairs.

Extreme airbrushing can change the shape of the face and the body, making the legs longer, arms skinnier and waist and hips slimmer. Or the technique can give skinny women bigger breasts and hips. Other effects from this type of retouching include straightened noses, widened eyes and lengthened necks.

Everyday millions of people around the world share photos via social media. Research shows that most pictures that people put on Facebook and other social networks have been edited. Generally standard airbrushing has been performed, improving skin condition, color correction and lightening or darkening the photo. Now this can be done quickly with image editors.

But sometimes we see extreme retouching on our friends' personal pages. Why not? It is no secret that magazines and advertisers use retouching to give their images a wishful gloss. They often edit the photos they use on magazine covers. Why we can't do it? A bit of Photoshopping and we also can look like cover models with flawless faces and perfect bodies.

Everyone must decide what style of personal photo feels right whether that's totally unretouched, natural with delicate correcting or a full-on glossy image.

Important tips for enhancing online dating profile photos.

Is there a way to make my dating profile photo more attractive? Yes, there is.

A profile with a poor quality photo gets very little action. What are the secrets to getting a great picture that captures your personality and helps you stand out from the crowd? Correct some important details of your profile photo and highlight your best beauty feature.

1. Eyes.
Eyes are the window to the soul - and the key to an authentic shot. It's important to fix red eye and you can accent your natural eye color. Also you can airbrush your photo and add shine to your eyes, slightly widen eyes, remove dark circles and wrinkles and whiten eyes. These retouching techniques make your eyes more expressive and attractive.

2. Skin.
Skin tone and texture greatly affect your appearance. Beautiful velvety skin without any shine is an important part of your appearance. Airbrushing spots, blemishes and redness helps skin looks better. Reducing wrinkles, eliminating visible flaws and improving skin tone make skin lustrous.

3. Smile
Highlight your beautiful smile! Whiten teeth, correct lipstick, and, if necessary, add lip-gloss.

4. Hair
Fix stray hairs and improve your hairstyle.

5. Body.
Shape body. Get rid of double chin, remove belly and love handles.

6. Clothes
Fix clothes, smooth out wrinkles, improve colors.

7. Background.
Remove unwanted items from background (e.g. part of another person). You might also consider experimenting with an interesting new background. For example, you can add a sunset for a romantic feeling.

A good dating profile photo increases your chances of finding love online. Post a photo that presents the most attractive you possible.

If you want to look your best in dating profile photos, we have photo-airbrushing specialists in our studio who will make you shine online.

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